Chef Low Cal actually enhances foods and retards spoilage

Given a choice, you probably wouldn't add artificial ingredients for the bread you're baking for the family dinner. Similarly at Chef Low Cal, our approach is to produce a fully natural, non-GMO composition to our entire product - it is chemical free and unbleached, and our custom processes naturally enhance the flour constituent while minimizing the calorie and carbohydrate content by nearly 70%. Another significant advantage is that Chef Low Cal retards spoilage so baked goods and pastas stay fresher longer.

This remarkable and unduplicated food technology process creates what has only been dreamed of by the overweight and diabetic population of the world: A way to enjoy their recommended daily servings of baked goods and pastas while only consuming less than a third of the calories and carbs!

A miracle of modern food technology

The gamut of grain flour products is nearly immense but in testing with the most common flours such as wheat, corn, and rice the Chef Low Cal particle performs equally well, resulting in baked goods and soft pastas that provide all the taste and satisfaction while eliminating the majority of the calories and carbs. In every type of baked goods from gluten-free pancakes to multi-grain bagels, Chef Low Cal performs the same as, or better than, the same products produced with conventional flours.

Whether you think of Chef Low Cal as a special process fiber particle or a miracle of modern food technology, the overweight, obese and diabetic population of the world will certainly agree that they may well have found the secret to unlocking significant and sustainable weight loss while enjoying the previously taboo starchy foods they crave.