imagine enjoying a serving of pasta while only consuming the calories and carbs of a third of a serving! Or having your 300 calorie sandwich become barely over 100 calories! Your healthy eating style can be boosted by reducing the calories and carb grams by about 70% for any flour-based baked goods or pastas. Sounds incredible? A newly developed product offers a broad range of baked goods and pastas which are essentially indistinguishable in appearance, taste, and mouthfeel while diminishing the calories and carbohydrate counts to close to 30%! This all-natural, GMO-free new ingredient is Chef Low Cal.
We’re all familiar with the various diet foods and beverages which incorporate artificial sweeteners or other forms of chemical wizardry to manufacture a product which is lower in calories or carbohydrates. Unfortunately, one of the basic food types has resisted any efforts to cut its calories and carb count: There has never been an all-natural way to significantly lower the calories/carbs of flour-based products such as baked goods and pastas by 70% and retain 100% of the taste and appeal – until now. No other starch-based product has ever even come close.
Seven out of ten people in the developed world (North America, Europe, and most of Asia) are classified as overweight and one out of three of the population is formally obese, therefore it is not surprising that the diet food category is a multi-billion dollar industry. Some demographic groups in North America suffer from an an obesity rate of over 60%! There are countless diet plans which work on a variety of nutritional strategies but when it comes to flour-based baked or pasta products they all come up against the challenge posed by the calorie/carb count which is invariably about 350 kcal per 100 grams or 100 calories per ounce. Chef Low Cal’s unique characteristics allow this caloric value to be slashed by over two thirds.
That slice of bread or forkful of pasta which now represents 100 calories and 14 grams of carbs can now be about 30 calories and 5 carb grams. However, any diet food is not going to be effective unless it tastes good enough to eat. That’s where Chef Low Cal products shine, as the texture, taste, appearance, and mouthfeel of the foods containing our product are consistently listed as “indistinguishable”. Soft pastas made with Chef Low Cal are actually rated higher by testers in every category over their conventional flour counterparts.
Any baked goods or soft pastas made with the most common flours such as wheat, oat, and rice can be made with Chef Low Cal with the result that they will provide all the taste and satisfaction while eliminating over a third of the calories and carbs. Chef Low Cal has been extensively tested and it has proven to produce superlative results with the following gluten-containing and gluten-free flours: All purpose; high protein white; bread white; bread whole wheat; cake; multi grain; semolina; durum; spelt; barley; rye; kamut; millet; almond; amaranth; quinoa; buckwheat; teff; chickpea; tigernut; rice; tapioca; sorghum; and corn (both white and yellow). Therefore whether your favorite flour-based food is gluten-containing or gluten-free breads, dumplings, pastry, pasta, tortillas, noodles, naan, or even gravy, Chef Low Cal can cut the calories and carbs by 70%.
Chef Low Cal is created from fully US FDA and Health Canada approved food grade ingredients, is not genetically modified in any way, and does not contain anything which is not regularly found in a variety of all-natural common natural foods such as bran cereals, whole grain breads, and a variety of fruits and vegetables. Thousands of common and popular supermarket items contain the same ingredients as Chef Low Cal. It is the specialized techniques which create the Chef Low Cal particle which allow for the unique characteristics of the product.