Chef Low Cal's Global Mission

1. To improve the quality of human life by providing an alternative to conventional high calorie and carb content flour-based products with a food which is indistinguishable in taste from the traditional flour-based version, is rich in fiber, and free from chemicals... to form the basis of a healthier diet for the obese and diabetic billions of the world.

2. To be a preferred partner to our clients, in addition to providing high quality diet human and pet food products at competitive prices.

3. To be a preferred employer who treats its employees with respect and provides them with opportunities to grow both personally and professionally.

4. To strive to be a trusted corporate entity by upholding the highest professional and ethical standards.

Chef Low Cal's Unique Business Model

Chef Low Cal company executives approach business in a holistic fashion by recognizing the close connection of financial success and the desire to make a positive impact to the health of obese and diabetic individuals around the world by providing a unique source of healthy ultra-low calorie and carb consumer food products.

Chef Low Cal management has secured full spectrum vendors and suppliers for top quality, fully GMO free, and all-natural raw materials at the best possible cost. This policy has allowed us to craft a specific and highly technical manufacturing process which has a current top potential supply in the billions of kilograms of Chef Low Cal per year. The process for manufacturing Chef Low Cal adds value to the basic fibre and starch particles by combining them in a specific process to render them suitable for the intended and fully unique utilization.