The Diet Breakthrough for any


The Obesity and Diabetes

Flour-based Food Solution

Chef Low Cal is the world's only ingredient which allows for the creation of final baked goods or pasta products which have about 30% of the calories and carbs as the conventional product... without affecting taste, texture, appearance, or mouthfeel.

Finally, millions of obese and diabetic individuals can enjoy their recommended portions of their favorite baked goods and pastas while only consuming about a third of the calories and carbs they previously ingested.


First and only way

The Chef Low Cal Revolution

Chef Low Cal is a thoroughly revolutionary food product with the potential to change the baking industry forever. Find out more!

Chef Low Cal has no obstacles to reaching a Global Market

Market-Ready Today

100% Gluten Free Variant

Specific variants allow for a zero gluten final product

Works With Any Flour

White, Whole Wheat, Multi-Grain, Ancient-Grain & More

US & Canada Approved

Approved for immediate marketing by US FDA & Health Canada

All-Natural & GMO-Free

No artificial or genetically-modified elements whatsoever